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View a gallery of recent SidelinER® designs to see how limitless the customization options are!

SidelinER® PRO - the only name in sideline athlete privacy offers the space needed to provide confidential and controlled examinations without having to leave the playing field. 


Athletes and sideline medical staff at every level of play, from the pros to high school have discovered the benefits of adding SidelinER® to their sideline care strategy. 

SidelinER® PRO Features

  • Raises and lowers in 5 seconds

  • Heavy-duty brushed stainless steel truss system increases frame rigidity and eliminates locking pins

  • Powder coated stainless steel hubs are lighter and stronger

  • High strength proprietary tube profile increases the life-cycle of SidelinER

  • High strength plastic corner joints

  • Military grade duffels – engineered specifically to transport SidelinER

  • Covers constructed from urethane coated DWR nylon are form-fitting and snap in place for easier installation

  • World-class printing for branded panels ensure proper color for logos

  • Removable, branded panels create new sponsorship opportunities

Fit Your Sideline

SidelinER® PRO offers two size variations to accommodate any sideline. Find your perfect size to elevate your sideline care strategy.

SidelinER® PRO 7'x14'

SidelinER® PRO 5'x12'

Customize and Accessorize

Branded Panels


Footprint + Rainfly

Travel Duffel small.png

Travel Duffel

Hard Travel Case


SidelinER® features a height of 7' ensuring every athlete has the space to enter and exit with ease. 

Color Options and Custom Printing

Customize your SidelinER® cover by choosing from our assortment of color options. We've curated this collection purposefully to perfectly complement your organization's brand colors.  


SidelinER is an absolute game-changer for sideline medical evaluations.  We can get the players calm in a protected environment and provide accurate evaluations without having to go to the locker room.  These are the little things that can affect the outcomes for both the athletes and the teams.

Dr. Norman Waldrop

Andrews Sports Medicine

Team Physician, University of Alabama

For more details about SidelinER® PRO, email info@kinematicsports.com

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